Atmospheric and distorted, Youth Lagoon’s debut, The Year of Hibernation, combines echoed vocals with the sounds of  high-pitched guitars and lightly tapped piano, creating an ambitious album tapping emotions at both ends of the spectrum.  At 22-years-old, Trevor Powers wrote this trippy, reverb-laden album alone in his bedroom and the isolation is rampant throughout this impressive first album.

Sooooorty kinda creepy pic

Trevor does not confine himself by forcing his lyrics to rhyme.  He writes down his emotions and you can envision him sitting in a dark room as the lyrics just fall down around him.  The words are symbolic of a man battling with himself.  The distorted sounds add that layer of confusion and uncertainty that most people go through at some point in their life.

Song Breakdown:

Montana sounds like a lullaby sung in a cave. The final act of the song picks up tempo and focuses more on percussion, subtly creating the possibility of triumph over the pain of emptiness.

I used to be outspoken/Doin’ anything for someone’s attention/And when that changed I guess you thought/That I was no longer mePosters, the title track to the album, begins slow, ethereal, lyrically soul-searching and about 2:20 in, a catchy guitar takes over the track and displays the talent and pop-consciousness of its youthful creator.

When & Where:

This is a nighttime album and should be heard when you need to shut the world down or if for some reason completely unknown to me, you find yourself alone in a field looking up into a star-drenched sky.  But if the latter is the case, I think you might have bigger things to worry about than which album is perfect for the moment.



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