The rarest of female singers are the ones that can rock out and rip the mic to shreds.  While not the strongest album in the world, Los Angeles-based Nico Vega’s self titled debut album contains a few decent songs, however, the shining jewel in the crown is So So Fresh.  The immediate familiarity with the song is due to Aja Volkman, whose vocals are a throwback to Joan Jett.

I can’t help but snarl when I hear this song.  It makes you feel like a righteous mofo with the rhythmic lead guitar and the chorus which has that balls-to-the-wall straining vocal followed by some messy chanting that fits the tone of the song perfectly.  Even without a bass guitar, you feel deep full thump laced throughout the song.

If you fall madly in love with this song, I recommend Wooden Dolls which shows off Aja’s versatility in displaying her smoky vocals that easily transition to a piercing voice triumphantly bashing the chorus (a little over a minute into the track).  I guess I’m cheating and should have called this double focus.  Whatever.  Get over it.


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