The Parlor Mob formed in Asbury Park, New Jersey in 2004 and released And You Were A Crow in 2008.  With their new album, Dog, released a few weeks ago, it’s the perfect time to introduce you to their first album, a display of amazing hard rock, nasty guitar riffs, a lot of soul and rusty vocals that takes you back to the great rock groups of the 60s and 70s.  

And You Were a Crow is an energetic album that feels like it was forged out of sweat, dirt, and a love for groups like Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple.  Mark Melicia’s vocals are straining and angst-ridden, but it’s when the band slows things down for the mandatory rock ballads that his voice fills out and pulls you back down to reality.  This album is a lyrical rock rarity, where none of the songs are about partying and getting wasted.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but sometimes you ask a little bit more out of your music.

Best Tracks:

Hard Times is pure rock n’ roll: it’s fast, loud, unapologetic, and serves as an anthem for those who have been screwed.

Can’t Keep No Good Boy Down starts out with a country twang that maintains throughout the track and quickly becomes fun and energetic with the addition of a piano and tambourine.

Everything You’re Breathing For has an easy tempo but soon drops its vocals and cuts into a Zeppelin-influenced guitar riff.  The steady pace of the drums keeps the song moving smoothly and halfway through, hints of psychedelic rock take over the guitar solo.

When and Where:

Listen to this album when you are frustrated with society, corruption, the economy, or how Fox keep renewing Bones. If you are at a point where you you know a huge turning point in your life is on the horizon, you must listen to this album.

Hard Times:

Can’t Keep No Good Boy Down

Everything You’re Breathing For:

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