Any song about getting freaky is already good in my book.  But I also figured out what else it is about Body by Thao with the Get Down Stay Down that makes me obsessed with this track: it is sexy, stanky, funky and original.  While Know Better Learn Faster, the debut album from San Fran-based Thao with the GDSD as a whole doesn’t blow me away, this one song is infectious.

Body opens with a badass drum beat and  a sexy guitar twang, introducing Thao’s flaky, soulful voice.  An impressive arrangement involving a xylophone (I think), hand-clapping, horns and probably a dozen other instruments, Body works well as a song about getting your swerve on, then getting dissed.  The lyrics aren’t subtle or complex, which just makes the song that much more fun to listen to.  What am I just a body in your bed/Won’t you reach for the body in your bed. 

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