The XX deserves far better than being hook-up soundtrack to the college set.  Formed in London in 2005 while still in high school, The XX released its minimalist debut album, xx in 2009, mixing electronica, R&B and pop.  With light, effortless vocals provided by the male/female combo of Romy Croft and Oliver Sim, soultry guitar riffs and electronic percussion, The XX creates a flirtatious sound filled with sexual tension and soulful desire. 

Croft and Sims’ vocals borderline on whispering, making you feel like you are in on a dirty little secret; a chess game between two lovers.  There are no crazy guitar or drum solos and no over-the-top vocals.  While the album is primarily about love, sex, loving sex, and any other combination of those words you can think of, the R&B vocals along with the perfect use of echo and reverb keep this topic from getting stale.

Best Tracks:

Intro is an enchanting opening to the album, with haunting, deep notes melting over the entire track and a quickly strummed lead guitar.  The intro lacks lyrics and is the perfect appetizer to xx, mixing a sensual tone with the album’s theme of simplicity.

Crystalised, an intense track about a sexual encounter, has tit-for-tat vocals between Croft and Sims, as well as funk and R&B inspired guitars matched with nominal percussion, which slowly build to a match the emotion of the encounter.

Shelter feels like an apology, with lyrics about wanting someone and being willing to do whatever it takes to have that feeling reciprocated.

When and Where:

I know I said that The XX is a victim of cheesy sex mixes, however, I love being a hypocrite.  It is undeniable that the album is sexy, smooth, and needs to be played when you are getting intimate (hopefully with someone else).




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