Why risk taking mind-altering drugs when Incan Abraham‘s music can easily replicate those effects with its psychedlic and dreamlike songs?   With its hypnotic vocals, trippy electronic-induced sounds and complex percussions, Incan Abraham may be the great hippie band of the iPad generation.

The Los Angeles based quartet has been steadily releasing EPs since 2010 displaying their signature sound which takes 60s rock influences and twists them around until they sound completely modern.  Taking a cue from bands like The Flaming Lips, Incan Abraham mesmerizes with gentle guitar riffs, speedy techno synth resonance, and Teddy Carfaro’s atmospheric vocals.  Able to slip into your subconscious with a balance of sensory overload and sensory underload, Incan Abraham translates inspired emotion into subtle yet remarkable rhythms and sounds.

Track Breakdown:

This week’s breakdown will highlight one song from each EP.

Sunscreen, off the EP with the same name, starts off quickly, with synthetic notes tripping over themselves until a relaxed guitar riff sets in as effortless vocals blanket the song with an intangible calmness.

Hors D’oeuvres, off of Adult World starts with helium-filled vocals and spacey backgrounds.  A little over a minute in, the band drastically shifts gears, with a consistent cheerful thumping synth piano, pop-oriented chorus and harmonies, and simplified lyrics which bows to their 60s influences.

In Milan, off of Ancient Vacation, relies less on soundboards and more on guitar riffs and vocals with an identifiable chorus.   In Milan showcases Incan Abraham’s ability to branch out from their niche sound and create a track that is more radio-friendly that their previously released EPs.

When and Where:

If you ever find yourself falling down the rabbit hole or lost in the middle of the desert, I’d take the time to make sure that Incan Abraham was playing.  It’s a great album ifyou want to see something in a new perspective.


Hors D’oeuvres

In Milan

Links to the free EPs: