Is it possible to make a reggae album that isn’t entirely about ganja or political upheaval? Extra Classic proves not only that its possible, but that it can still be effective, catchy and relevant with its debut album, Your Light Like White Lightning Your Light Like a Laser Beam.  With a mix of seductive harmonies, bass guitar, synthesizers, and soothing vocals, Extra Classic has an authentic reggae feel even though the band’s six members all hail from California.

Your Light Like White Lightning blends in perfectly with the genre but stands out with Adrianne A. Verhoeven’s soft, sensual vocals and the 60s rock influences which gives the album a sharper edge.  The Cali sextet is not scared to infuse different styles with the standard reggae sounds and instruments in an effort to challenge the traditional listener of the genre and pull in new fans as well.  With hints of R&B, funk, and classic rock, Your Light Like White Lightning avoids the monotony that many reggae albums fall victim to.

Track Breakdown:

Congo Rebel opens the album with a haunting vocal intro, then dives headfirst into a funky reggae song supported by a strong guitar riff and Verhoeven’s alluring voice.

Give Them the Same displays the funk and classic rock influences more than any other track.  With silky yet visceral guitar solos and heavy drums carrying the beat (and sometimes straying from the beat), Give Them the Same is a reggae chameleon and can be considered a reggae song, a rock song, or both.

When & Where:

It’s blasphemous to recommend playing anything in Jamaica other than Marley, but if you are looking for a new, refreshing substitute, Extra Classic is the band to play when you touch down in the Land of Wood and Water.  If you can’t make the trip, I suggest you sneak into someone’s backyard, put up a hammock, throw on some headphones and let this album put you at ease.

Congo Rebel

Give Them The Same

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