I honestly don’t know much about the High Highs, except that the New York based trio released their inspiring 4 song self-titled EP on November 18, 2011.  With great harmonies, crisp acoustics, penetrating falsettos, and electronic, folk, and alternative pop influences, High Highs have engineered a promising EP which teases at the expectation of a complex, engrossing debut album.

Best Tracks:

Flowers Bloom relies heavily on hazy vocals to create a foggy, mesmerizing appeal.  A detailed arrangement including subtle drums and twinkling guitars chords give Flowers Bloom a rich, full sound while a faint west coast surfer influence helps guide the track towards its fading conclusion.  Flowers Bloom also has an old record crackling sound, which is purposely and perfectly executed to make the song seem as though it is a remnant of the past.

Open Season is the star of this EP with atmospheric vocals, catchy guitar riffs and piano keys belting out high notes which infuse a wide-eyed hopefulness into the track.  The comparisons to Radiohead, and especially songs like Lucky, No Surprises, and Let Down from OK Computer are inevitable and clearly a compliment to such a gifted new group.

When and Where:

To say that you should put an album on when you want to go to sleep may not seem flattering, but it is a compliment here.  The disarming vocals and soothing melodies make the High Highs EP the perfect soundtrack to your dreams.

Flowers Bloom

Open Season



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