The Brooklyn-based duo of Ben Sterling and Melissa Metrick, who formed Cookies in 2011, are creating hip-hop influenced pop music.  Whimsical song titles (1,000 Breakfasts with You, Boycrazy) and flirtatious lyrics traded between Sterling and Metrick make Cookies a guilty pleasure.  Only releasing six songs so far, Cookies teases us with the hope of a mesmerizing synthpop debut album.

With beats worthy of a southern gangster rap track and Metrick’s sultry vocals that stretch like a rubberband, Wilderness Tips has a raw appeal even though the track is layered with smooth synth sounds.  However, it’s the playful lyrics (Baby girl you’re mean/It took you six months to fit in those jeans) and wistful chorus that will have you putting this song on repeat.

The Dream drips like honey with it’s slow, sexy guitar riffs and hazy vocals.  Sterling’s patient singing and Metrick’s gentle, breathy voice create a mysterious aura that feels impossible to describe in detail…just like a dream.

You can download each of Cookies’ singles for free from their website here.