With their sophomore record, Young & Old, coming out February 14, 2012, now is the perfect time to put Tennis is on your radar.  Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore, the husband and wife duo that make up Tennis, released their debut album, Cape Dory, in January of 2011.  With simple, catchy melodies, splashing cymbals, and Moore’s unassuming, earnest, 50s era vocals, Cape Dory was one of the most heartful, charming albums of last year.

Written two years after a 7 month sailing expedition across the North Atlantic Coastline, Cape Dory is a pop album that has the unmistakable aura of the excitement that comes with a new journey.  In every note of the 10 song album, Tennis manages to mix youthful exuberance with a learned appreciation that only comes with age. Each song represents a different aspect of the duo’s nautical voyage and captures the sentiments that swell and crash like waves.  The album’s theme does not limit the group’s emotional range, which is at times sexy (Baltimore, Cape Dory), doo-wop inspired (Marathon) or slow and introspective (Bimini Bay, Pigeon).

Track Breakdown:

Long Boat Pass has a tropical guitar riff and a catchy drum beat that compliments Moore’s disarming, teenage crush inspired lyrics.  The song embraces the classic 1950’s style to create the excitement of sharing new experiences with someone you love.

Cape Dory starts like a song being played in the middle of a silent ocean at night, then quickly speeds up the tempo to a 50’s pop-inspired pace.  With lyrics about the joys of being free with the world at your fingertips, Cape Dory can’t help but sweep you away.

Baltimore has Moore’s slow vocals blanketed over a rapid beat symbolizing her hesitation to end a journey that has gone by so fast and how the real world can never match the excitement of the duo’s ocean adventure.

When & Where:

Do I really need to tell you this one?  Ok, ok.  Well, if you are about to share a new adventure with someone you care about, Cape Dory is the soundtrack.

Long Boat Pass:

Cape Dory:


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