Sharp, complex dubstep typically does not come out of Colorado.  However, Paper Diamond, the moniker of producer Alex B, has given credit to the Centennial State, as the producer of one of the tightest, beat driven dubstep albums of the year.  Levitate is almost entirely instrumental and while most instrumental dubstep albums are monotonous and quickly tiresome, Paper Diamond has created an album full of energy, expert use of syncopation, and seriously heavy bass.

Levitate showcases Alex B’s eerie, ominous beats and twisted synth melodies while keeping the production tight and not inundating every track with obscure, unnecessary computer-generated sounds.  With only eight tracks, Levitate is able to remain an engrossing album that easily keeps your attention by being more than just a soundtrack for the dance clubs.

Track Breakdown:

Imagine the Possibilities kicks off with a menacing beat that transitions into a foreboding synth which slithers the melody through the track like a snake.

So Precise is just that: precise.  This is one of the tighter tracks on the album, starting with more of a pop sound accompanied by the zip of electronics and a determined focus to keep the multiple sounds working in harmony.

Take Your Time is probably Levitate’s most unique song and the fitting conclusion to the album.  The triumphant opening sound is reminiscent of a Rocky theme or the end credits of a ’70s blacksploitation film.

When & Where:

This album should only be played when you are at high speeds.  With a heavy foot on the pedal, Levitate provides the theme music as the scenery drifts by you in a blur.

Imagine the Possibilities

So Precise

Take Your Time

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