The Brooklyn-based Starlight Girls (whose name was taken from the 80s cartoon Jem) have received legit underground buzz in NYC and for good reason.  The 2 girl/2 guy group has released a bunch of fun, sultry, thick songs (the EP is due out in April) that mix a bit of 60s psychedelia, west coast surf, and Brooklyn indie rock resulting in some undeniably addictive sounds.

With splashing guitar, horns-driven synth, pummeling drums, ominous harmonies and Christina B’s lead vocals that conjure disco-era Blondie, Starlight Girls’ playful, flirty pop songs sound like a melting pot of the music your parents used to listen to and the music your kids are going to listen to.

Flutterby starts out as a spooky carnival ride but sways with a hypnotic consistency as Christina B’s voice drips all over the track that starts and ends with her airy flute.

Everyone’s dirty little secret is that they love Gossip, and the Starlight Girls play up to it with their seductive, mischievous sound.

The Hunch feels like a subliminal message, subtly bending you with it’s twangy guitars, soothing synth, and pulsing vocals.

Wasteland starts with a sharp beat and classic piano (played on synth).  There is tangible disco influence on this track and Christina’s haunting voice mirrors Blondie more on this track than any other.

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