Ever go on a vacation and fall for someone, swept up in the unfamiliar surroundings even though you knew it would be short lived?  When it felt like, at that moment, the rules of the real world didn’t apply to the two of you?  Los Angeles based indie rock/pop group Family of the Year captures that excitement with the joyous St. Croix.

Family of the Year has been around for a few years, first releasing the promising yet inconsistent album, Song Book, in 2009.  It followed that up with the EP, Through the Trees, which displayed the band’s slow maturation, most notably with the sharp, ominous, The Barn.  But St. Croix, FotY’s single off the 2011 EP of the same name, is the band’s coming out party.  With playful lyrics, tropical guitar hooks and bongos, St. Croix is an escape from the ordinary and shows the band’s evolution into a well-balanced, confident indie outfit.

Along with St. Croix and The Barn, I added 6 a.m., another charming track off of the 2011 EP.  Enjoy.

St. Croix

The Barn

6 a.m.

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