There’s no denying that Erica Daking’s smoky, sultry voice is the driving force behind the Los Angeles-based pop group, The Moor.  Her effortless vocals, along with the restrained guitar riffs and synthesizers, give The Moor its moody, atmospheric setting.  The Moor, made up of Daking and her partner, Josiah Steinbrick, released their self-title debut album on August 23, 2011, consisting of eight ominous yet alluring pop melodies.  Amidst the eight tracks are two standouts that that hint at this band’s potential.

Warm Winter matches 60s psychedelic rock influences with Daking’s soft, distance vocals, to create a trippy, seductive track.

You’ll See follows a similar path as Warm Winter but has a more energetic chorus to reflect Daking’s desperate hope to lure someone back to her.  I’ll do almost anything just because you ask me to/I’ll prove it to you, I wouldn’t say it if it weren’t true.  


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