Most people would have a hard time believing that Serbia could produce an indie folk band, but Stray Dogg is ready to change minds with its debut album, Almost.  Stray Dogg’s May 30, 2011 release boasts nine bittersweet tracks filled with acoustic guitars, piano, violin and soft male/female harmonies.  Every song on Almost is devoid of percussion, instead focusing on somber instrumentals tucked in between each verse to give the album its heartfelt, modest appeal. 

Best Tracks:

Crimson Moon‘s gentle harmonies, woeful lyrics and blues guitar create a song brimming with heartbreak.

Smile is a break in the mostly melancholy album with a playfulness that comes from the spirited pianos and acoustic guitars.

Once you get past the opening harmonica, Almost is a sincere love song held together with Dukat Stray’s fragile vocals.

When & Where:

For the times when you think love is more pain than pleasure, Almost reminds you that you’re not the only one who has reached that conclusion.

Crimson Moon



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