There’s a purpose to the lo-fi, crackling quality of Vacationer’s debut album, Gone, released on March 20, 2012, in that it emulates music barely breaking through an old radio on a tropical beach in the middle of nowhere.  Vacationer, the brainchild of Kenny Vasoli (from The Starting Line) and Brooklyn’s indie electronic trio Body Language, is the self-proclaimed “relaxation expert,” making songs to aurally take you on vacation when jobs, money and time does not permit.  Gone mixes fluid synthesizers, wind instruments, guitars, and tropical elements to create the perfect album for escaping the daily responsibilities of real life.

Kenny Vasoli, the relaxation expert himself

Best Tracks:

Trip begins with woodwind instruments, then melts into a synth infused melody carried by Vasoli’s crisp vocals about slipping away.

Gone is a beautifully soft, calming track laced with starry synth sounds, reggae elements and lyrics about being away from the one you love and craving their arrival.  Gone, gone. I will be waiting for you, here.  you’re gone, gone, you’re gone, gone, no matter how long.

Everyone Knows is unique to Gone, since it focuses more on pop and sing-a-long elements rather than soothing electronics.  However there is an R&B/soul quality to this song that makes it as addictive as the rest of the album.

When & Where:

Play Gone if you find yourself lounging in a cabana surrounded by sand and the ocean or if you are trapped at home but want the world around you to melt away.



Everyone Knows

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