If the things that go bump in the night were music fans, odds are they’d be listening to Radiation City.  The Portland quintet released their impressive debut album, The Hand That Takes You, in 2011 and just released the atmospheric Cool Nightmare, a 7-track EP, on April 10, 2012.  Organist Elisabeth Ellison and guitarist Cameron Spies share singing duties while haunting reverberated melodies and an aged piano creep into the background.  At times, harps and churchlike chants help guide the songs in unexpected directions, making you question whether these songs are actually occurring while you are awake or in the middle of a dream.

Best Tracks:

Find it of Use is the first single off Cool Nightmare.  At first, the softness is enchanting, and once you are disarmed, the pianos and drums thunder in and twist the song into something more sinister, but always alluring.

Eye of Yours balances distorted vocals with an infectious pop melody shifting tones from desolation to comfort and playfulness.

Hide from the Light starts out like something that would be played during an Addams Family dinner party but weirdly yet seamlessly shifts into a 50s bubblegum pop chorus.

When and Where:

Cool Nightmare is an EP that should be played when you want to set an ominous mood.  It is perfect for a nighttime drive alone in a place you’ve never been before…or can’t keep away from.

Find it of Use

Eye of Yours

Hide from the Light

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