Seriously, something must be in the water in Australia.  Every time I search for new music, I always find a great band from Down Under.  Add Melbourne’s Bayou to the list.  The shoegaze, indie pop quintet materialized in 2011 and released their self-titled EP on March 1, 2012.  Bayou’s debut EP is made up of four hazy, haunting tracks with soothing female harmonies, restrained drums and subtle yet affecting melodies.

Best Tracks:

Every song on this EP deserves your attention.

Leader of the Pack is an eerie track with the female band members swooning in the background until the song becomes dirty and aggressive once the cymbals and tribal thumping of the drums take over.

Get Got starts with a lazy bass guitar and transforms into an almost psychedelic track with a sharper, expansive lead guitar and a rhythmic bass drum.

Gentle Man has less of an ominous appeal and more of a bittersweet, yearning vibe than the other tracks on the EP utilizing powerful transitions that lead into and support the chorus.

No Man is an Island is a relaxed love song utilizing soft acoustic guitars and stirring lyrics.  They say that no man is an island, but if you were I’d be the ocean.  When my waves come rolling, you’re in the way.  

When & Where:

This EP is perfect for those all too common times when you are slowly floating down a river with nothing around but marshes, fog, and the unnerving sounds of unidentified animals in the distance.

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