Dry the River‘s debut album, Shallow Bed,  is an easy sell.  It’s filled with warm, campfire sing-a-longs that start slow but consistently build towards boisterous, celebratory choruses.  Dry the River released Shallow Bed on April 17, 2012 and has been compared to Fleet Foxes and Mumford & Sons…which is definitely not the worst thing in the world.  Shallow Bed is a rustic record that embraces the band’s indie folk roots and showcases delicate, full harmonies, sweeping violins and subtle country influences.  

Best Tracks:

New Ceremony is the embodiment of the tone of the album.  While starting with an overwhelming sentimentality, just hold tight until the 1:32 mark, trust me.  The intensity of the chorus can’t help but consume you.

Man, No Rest is an emotional powerhouse of a song.  It starts off gently, but is leveled with an overwhelming feeling of love and desperation as lead singer, Peter Liddle, croons with a trembling fragility that makes you think at any point, his voice will shatter under the weight of emotion.

Another highlight of the album is the charming, familiar feeling Bible Belt.  A sad, carefully crafted melody, Bible Belt proves that Dry the River can pull you in with gentle verses as much as it does with its dynamic choruses.

When & Where:

Shallow Bed is versatile in that it can be played at any time, and emotionally, under any condition.  If I didn’t hate the outdoors, I’d play this in the middle of the woods, around a bonfire with a group of friends.  However, the album is just as good with friends in my apartment surrounding a hot, rusty, old radiator.

New Ceremony

No Rest

Bible Belt

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