While there is justification in being wary of a rock band which spouts lyrics with a hip-hop delivery, you can put your concerns to bed with I’m Sorry…the EP from emerging Cali-based indie group, The Neighbourhood.  A marriage of rap inspired vocals and rock-based melodies, and maybe an affair with blues and R&B infected choruses for good measure, I’m Sorry…has nothing to apologize for.  Listening to the bass heavy tracks which are groovier than a rock song has any right to be, you get a sense that we’ve only scratched the surface of this multi-genre embracing band’s complexity and promise.

Best Tracks:

Sweater Weather is the song that brought initial attention to The Neighbourhood and is the primary example of lead singer Jesse James Rutherford’s hip-hop influences as he lays out each verse perfectly on and off beat.

Female Robbery starts with some oddly placed screaming but turns into a smooth, subdued track with ominous tones as chants of “We’re gonna die” echo throughout the second half of the song.

Leaving Tonight shows that Rutherford is a legitimate vocalist and that the band can create songs with depth and restraint.

When & Where:

There is a hint of darkness and sense of isolation to this EP which makes you want to stand on top of a building at night and stare over a city, wondering what private (and maybe disturbing) activities are taking place behind the glowing window of each apartment.

Sweater Weather

Female Roberry

Leaving Tonight

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