I guess the hardest part of being in indie rock outfit, Little Casino, is figuring out a way to contain the abundance of energy that seems ready to burst through every guitar bristling, pop-infused track that the relative newcomers bring to the table.  After forming in 2010, the Brisbane quintent released a self-titled five song EP and have now released a trio of tunes off an upcoming record, keeping consistent with their sunny, beach inspired melodies, crackling drums, and earnest lyrical explorations.

Best Tracks:

Golden Shadow is swimming in reverberated guitars and swings quickly into sweeping choruses that make the blood rush to your head.

Bow and Arrows has a big Cali surfer guitar hook to open the track but maintains a smooth pace due to lead singer, Ben Forbes’ polished, earnest ruminations.

Parks has a snappier beat, sharper guitars and soaring harmonies which, when put together, translate into an intangible sense of limitless possibilities.

When & Where:

If iPods were waterproof, you’d need to learn to surf so the hooks and colossal guitars crash over you as the perfect wave curls around you.

Golden Shadow


Bow and Arrows




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