Today I’m going back a few years and pulling out a record from 2005 that still deserves your attention. New York based indie rockers Nightmare of You formed in 2003 and two years later, released their self-titled debut album, led by Brandon Reilly, former lead guitarist for punk group, The Movielife. When Nightmare of You came out, most people were expecting an aggressive, angst-ridden debut album, akin to Reilly’s former outfit.  What people got instead were post punk, British invasion-style pop songs teeming with high octave synthesizers, crisp guitars, and incredibly catchy hooks.  I’m not complaining and if you give this “oldie” a chance, I don’t think you will either.  Enjoy.

Best Tracks

Not many groups can make endearing love songs about having sex in a bathroom, but somehow, NoY did just that with In the Bathroom is Where I Want You.      Starting with methodical guitar riffs, In the Bathroom…slowly builds to an emotional chorus that embodies Reilly’s desires for an intimate moment in an unlikely place.

I Want to be Buried in Your Backyard has an ominous intro (which matches the title) and then turns into a harmonized, guitar splashing explosion transforming the dark, mysterious track into a blindingly lovesick pop song.

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