My Best Fiend‘s motto should be, “Your patience will be rewarded.”  While so many bands have an ADD inspired method to their albums, putting together a bunch of snappy little tracks to keep drifting attention spans engaged, In Ghostlike Fading, the debut album from the Brooklyn-based, classic rock inspired fivesome, challenges the listener to stay focused and reap the rewards of a band that is looking not just to make an album, but an experience.  With only one song under three minutes and two songs over seven, My Best Fiend has created a patient set of spacey tracks rooted in 60s and 70s psychedelic rock with long, calm solos, bending guitar chords, hauntingly paced drums and vocals which seem to manifest out of nowhere.

Best Tracks:

Higher Palms has this winding road, country rock vibe with Fred Coldwell ominously crooning over thick guitars until churchlike choruses come in and give the track some weight.

Cracking Eggs is In Ghostlike Fading‘s emotional climax utilizing pianos and catchy lines (“Thirstiest fish in the sea”) which build to shredding solos and straining, desperate chants of “Oh Darling, seeing is not like belief.”

When & Where:

Put on In Ghostlike Fading when cruising down a desert highway where a lifeless landscape and a sunburnt sky meet the horizon.

Higher Palms


Cracking Eggs


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