Widowspeak‘s music hangs in the air like a thick fog: it’s mysterious, heavy and a bit haunting.  Guiding us through the mist is Molly Hamilton, who sings with a breathy bittersweetness while fuzzy guitars twang and cymbals subtly splash over every track.  The trio, originally from Tacoma, Washington, relocated to Brooklyn and released their self-titled debut album in August of 2011. The group has a gift for creating songs with a hypnotic aura shrouded in darkness while being methodically paced and yet slightly psychedelic.

Best Tracks:

Gun Shy‘s thick guitars are reminiscent of a showdown in the old west but have an inexplicable shift in emotion as Hamilton’s soft yearning dominates the chorus.

In the Pines is draped in nocturnal moods with a feeling of being surrounded by dark skies, towering trees and a fearful curiosity that pushes you forward despite hesitation.

Hard Times may be one of the more pop-oriented tracks with a conventional feel due to the catchy hook, sticky guitar riff, and sugary vocals.

When & Where:

Widowspeak is a calming collection of songs for lonely, enigmatic nights and is the perfect album to get lost in with no intention of finding your way out.

Gun Shy


In the Pines


Hard Times


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