Damn fun.  Sometimes that’s all I want out of my music.  It never hurts when that music has great layered synths, catchy hooks, and a peculiar appeal that stands out from the rest of the digital heavy pop groups dominating the indie scene.  The Brooklyn-based quartet, Miniature Tigers, has been roaming the plains since their 2008 debut, Tell it to the Volcano, and now return with their third album, Mia Pharaoh, released on March 6, 2012.  Doting on electronics, spattering drumbeats, and peculiar yet relatable lyrics, Miniature Tigers is the musical embodiment of that awkwardly entertaining guy at your friend’s house party that everyone wants to talk to.

Best Tracks:

Sex on the Regular is about just that.  It starts out with a heavy synth, BeeGees-inspired falsettos and sets the perfect tone for an album infused with playful lyrics, sharp percussion and bright guitar riffs.

Female Doctor is a smooth track that uses clean, deep harmonies to convey a more seductive tone about having a woman that has the cure for all ailments.

Flower Door is the most endearing track on the album, with bare, simple vocals, swaying choruses and more laid-back electronic waves flowing in the background.

When & Where:

Any party.  Anywhere.  Anytime.  This is just another entry in Miniature Tiger’s collection of fun, bright music that entertains while infecting its listeners with the desire to cut loose and take absolutely nothing serious.


Sex on the Regular


Female Doctor


Flower Door

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