Forever So, the debut album from Melbourne’s Husky, is the kind of record that rips your heart out and simultaneously nurses it back to health.  The indie folk quartet have painstakingly created 13 tracks so rich with pain and compassion, it’s impossible not to instantly connect with each emotion they cradle with stripped acoustic guitars and a gently massaged classic piano.  Husky Gawenda seems to not be singing lines to a song but telling stories set to cascading melodies as drums rumble in the background.  While most slower paced folk albums are snoozers, Forever So carefully places crescendos within the songs and more uptempo tracks throughout the album to keep you awake and entranced.

Best Tracks:

Dark Sea starts with a soft flicker but has hints of classic rock when it hits the bridge as harmonies intertwine with guitars and pianos.

Tidal Wave has great vocal hooks consistently throughout the song and a subtle country twang as a banjo is strummed during the chorus.

The melody of The Woods is as dark and mysterious as a forest and lyrically, this is one of the strongest songs on the album.  Morning came and took my fear away, I wondered if I’d ever learn/But how will we explain the mistakes we made, when my fear will surely return.  

When & Where:

For the times when you are surrounded by crowds of people but still feel as alone as if you were stranded on an island.  It’s that type of album that makes you feel despondent but reminds you that you are not the only one with sad stories.


Dark Sea


Tidal Wave


The Woods


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