Wow.  I probably said that about 40 times while listening to Wake Up and Mother Said, two singles from the indie quartet, Elephant Eyes.  This foursome, who have yet to release an EP, is conjuring pop music that sports some deep, mystic soul.  Kate McMahon, the red-haired, fair-skinned songstress may seem unassuming at first glance, but the earnest swing of her vocals have a hint of sorrow that makes her an R&B-inspired force to be reckoned with.  The drums are perfectly bare and the piano is executed with a bluesy swagger that makes Elephant Eyes sound like they’ve been playing in smoky nightclubs for years.

Wake Up is a slow, deconstructed melody that takes its sweet time getting from start to finish and utilizes swirling synths to give the song a spacey feel.


Mother Said has McMahon singing with a pureness of emotion while harmonies swell in the background and the lushness of the piano consumes all the air in the room.  And the chorus is unbelievably infectious.


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