The only time the breakup of a promising band is not something to mourn over is when former members go on to create something more special.  David Fendick and Jonny Hooker, the duo that comprises Fossil Collective, rose out of the ashes of the Leeds pop/rock group, Vib Gyor, with a fuller, more structured sound.   Fossil Collective’s debut EP, Let it Go, is five rich, wintery melodies that are like broad musical brush strokes dripping paint across the English countryside.   The resonant harmonies coupled with deep piano chords and the group’s uncanny understanding of patience and letting a song unfold on its own terms make Let it Go a masterful, tender record.

Best Tracks:

Let it Go‘s bluesy lyrical delivery matches well with the country twanged acoustics and leads to soft harmony choruses that are warm enough to melt wax.

Without a Fight‘s captivating charm is due in large part to the twisting of the sliding guitar.  The track relies again on heavily layered vocals which give the song a wholeness and wholesomeness that’s as familiar as a song you’ve heard 100 times over.

When & Where:

Spark up the fireplace and let its heat fill the room as the walls separate you from the snowflakes falling to the cold ground outside.


Let it Go


Without a Fight


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