Please do not confuse Battleships with the catastrophic Hollywood film based on the Hasbro game.  One is a masterful piece of art and the other is a catastrophic Hollywood film based on the Hasbro game. Battleships, the indie quartet that formed, separated, and reformed, has emerged above sea level in 2012 with three incredibly atmospheric, intricately produced tracks which creep into your head and slowly haunt your thoughts.  It’s almost impossible not to make the inevitable Radiohead comparison, but that would be an injustice to a group that still maintains its own unique sound and lyrical approach.  It seems as though Jordan Sturdee is singing from miles away and deftly emits an iciness balanced with a fragility that only comes from being emotionally defeated.  The frailty of his tone is emphasized by trickling guitars that spatter throughout each track while drums patiently and quietly tap, waiting for their moment to erupt during each song’s chorus.

Best Tracks:

In Retrospect has Sturdee’s voice appearing and disappearing like a ghost.  The song slowly builds to a thrashing guitar solo emblematic of the rage of seeing things in retrospect that you should have known from the start.

Your Words has a tangible intensity due to the electric guitars that hammer through the track and lyrics that focus on despair (Can’t you feel there’s more than this? More than just what you now see/Ignorance is not quite bliss, after this eternity.)

When & Where

Battleships is an appropriate name insofar as the band’s music is the perfect accompaniment for those times when you feel that you are sinking, in desperate need of one breath, but fear that you won’t make it back to the surface in time.

In Retrospect


Your Words


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