The Antlers really need to stop.  I only recently recovered from Burst Apart, the haunting, stunning second album from the Brooklyn trio and now I have to digest Undersea, the band’s four song EP, released on July 24, 2012.  In typical Antlers fashion, Undersea is a menacing, swirling masterpiece, swallowing you into the depths of the ocean.  Moving at a disturbingly steady, slow pace, Undersea drags you slowly down through four songs drowned in sinister horns and synthesizers.  Among the four tracks, Crest is the one that will make you use a nightlight for the foreseeable future.  The straining brass, Peter Silberman’s desolate, commanding voice, and the palpitating synths are sexy, scary as hell, but more importantly, combine to create an enchanting song that seems to echo for hours after the song stops playing.