There are very few albums that you come across which leave you speechless.  Shrines by Purity Ring is officially among them.  Released on July 20, 2012 by the Edmonton, Alberta duo of Corin Roddick and Megan James, Shrines is a meticulously and masterfully orchestrated synth pop album that layers deep and sparking electronic sounds and melodies while borrowing southern hip-hop beats to give the album a slow burn.  In 2011, Purity Ring released the single, “Ungirthed,” which brought the indie world’s attention to a mysterious band with a smoldering stop-and-go melodic delivery and infectious, crystal vocals by then unknown songstress, James. Shrines has solved all mysteries and ushers in a complex pop band that has created one of the best albums of the year with eleven seductive, provocative songs that could never adorn the jewerly for which the band was named after.  The symbol of chastity is shattered as the first line of the album first track, “Crawlersout,” sets a tone which dives into sexuality and the human body in raw and honest form (Sea water’s flowing from the middle of my thighs).

Best Tracks:

Crawlersout has a winding synth melody and the sexuality of the lyrics sets the perfect tone for the album.

The deep, stuttering beat for Fineshrine seems like it was jacked from a Rick Ross album. James delivers lines like My little lips around you with an innocent, gentle, heavenly tone.

Ungirthed is enchanting with incredible vocal hooks, the stuttering beat and warped synths pulsating in the background.

Belispeak is a menacing track, with a darker melody coupled with James’ terrifying lyrical protestations.

Lofticries starts with a electronic southern drawl and leads to buzzing synths underlying pixied vocals.

When & Where:

For those cryptic nights where anything is possible and the shroud of night intimidates but intoxicates you.












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