Number Station got the goods.  The Melbourne-based indie rock quartet  constructs dynamic, sprawling guitar heavy tracks set at a desperate pace and impassioned by the warm, sincere delivery of lead singer, Chris Andrews.  On May 4, 2012, Number Station released their debut EP, Everything Will Change and based on its five dramatic songs, the EP’s title serves as a prophecy for the young, talented group.  Everything Will Change was cut in the same studio in New York where The Strokes recorded their debut album, Is This It.  Listening to Everything Will Change, you get a sense that recording in the studio where one of the best rock albums of the last decade was made was not lost on the Australian newcomers.

Best Tracks:

All instruments are played gently in Broke as if the band is cognizant of an emotional fragility that could easily shatter with the slightest bit of intensity or stress.

Everything Will Change is uncontained energy and runs rampant with snapping drums, bursting guitar riffs which serves perfectly as a warning  with a warning that, well, everything is about to change.

When & Where:

Everything Will Change is for the times when the calm becomes the storm.



Everything Will Change


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