If you can create a following with only a few songs to your (duplicative) name, then you gotta be good.  And Wildcat! Wildcat! is damn good! damn good!  The L.A.-based indie pop group has released three songs which have been devouring the internet like a tiger released into its natural habitat.  Jesse Taylor, Michael Wilson and Jesse Carmichael fill each track with synths that snap, crackle and pop like a bowl of your saturday morning cereal, falsettos that flow smoother than the Ganges, and spiraling harmonies infused with R&B.  There is a subtle skill to Wildcat! in that their songs seamlessly combine so many audible elements yet seem pure and simplistic in their production.

Best Tracks:

The Chief: There’s a distinct grooviness in the way the lyrics are laid down on top of pianos which sparkle in scattered fashion while a silky 80s R&B inspired sax solo closes out the track.

Mr. Quiche: The effervescent harmonies don’t seem to obey the laws of gravity and slowly build to a bursting climax that slowly deconstructs, fading to its conclusion.

End of the World Everyday: A slow intro paced with a thick bass guitar and restrained vocals shatter to pieces as the piano and electronics shine and then bleed into swaying, funky verses.

When & Where:

Wildcat! Wildcat! makes me want to dress in 70s gear and dance in the middle of a bar while I pretend that everyone is staring at me because I’m so damn cool, not because I’m so damn weird.


The Chief


Mr. Quiche


End of the World Everyday


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