I apologize for the timing.  You should have been introduced to David Alexander a.k.a Summer Heart months ago since his debut album, About a Feeling, is the perfect warm weather soundtrack.  About a Feeling is full of rippling, lo-fi synth and elongated, echoing guitar chords resulting in a trancelike effect that makes stress evaporate into the atmosphere.  Alexander’s voice is electronically morphed into distorted robotic tones that melt into the music and serve as just another instrument used to enhance the vibe of the album.  About a Feeling is transparent in its purpose to make the world around you feel like it’s moving in slow motion.

Best Tracks:

I Wanna Go


A Million Times


When & Where:

I promise, there are one or two weekends left where you can lay in a hammock on the beach with a cheesy hat covering your face as Summer Heart, the hot sun and some cheap daiquiris put you to sleep.

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