It’s time to celebrate.  Celebrate what?  Who cares.  Find something fast because Saint Motel is ready to party.  Voyeur, the first album from the L.A. foursome showcases Brit style indie pop infused with Spanish and jazz horns, sharp piainos, brash guitars and enough electricity to light up a city block.  Voyeur is like an overinflated balloon on the verge of exploding as each song is brimming with the sincere, dynamic voice of lead singer, A/J Jackson and the garage rock grit of Aaron Sharp (lead guitar), Dak (bass), and Greg Erwin (drums).  Forget Prozac because Saint Motel is guaranteed to lift your spirits with this  boisterous debut.

Best Tracks:

Feed Me Now


Benny Goodman


Puzzle Pieces


When & Where:

Go to an amusement park and blast Voyeur as you run around like a child, rocket up and down on roller coasters and sway back and forth on those tacky, giant pirate ships.

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