Oh Canada.  Thank you for Half Moon Run and their debut album, Dark Eyes.  Hailing from Montreal, this young, dynamic trio is typically described as the child of any combination of great bands over the past several years…and that description is warranted.  But don’t expect Dark Eyes to be a retread of what you’ve heard in the past.  Dark Eyes satisfies every musical palate, exploring indie, pop, rock, folk and even a bit of classical music while never feeling disjointed or as if the band is trying too hard to give each song its own identity.  Give Dark Eyes a taste and you’ll hear fragile yet unyielding guitars, rounded percussions that hug each song, and harmonies so rich they should pay taxes.

Best Tracks:

Full Circle




Call Me in the Afternoon


When & Where:

Dark Eyes makes me want to fashion a pipe out of a block of wood, sit on my porch in a rocking chair, and complain about kids and all their damned texting.

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