There is something about music that makes the world around you slowly crumble like avalanches of snow.  Supermelodic Pulp, the debut EP from Astronauts, Etc., the solo project of Berkeley, California’s Anthony Ferraro, is an expansive synth EP capable of consuming a stadium while maintaining the calm, delicate textures of dream pop.  Ferraro relies heavily on echoes and sweeping electronics to create an atmospheric sound as vast and dark as outer space but as intimate and safe as the world from under the covers of your bed.

Best Tracks:

Mystery Colors


You Can Yell


When & Where:

Remember the scene in Superman 2 when Zod’s female minion tosses an astronaut into the depths of space?  I bet he wishes he was listening to Supermelodic Pulp as he calmly drifted into some giant, fiery meteor rocketing through space.

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