I’m a bit bummed these days.  I’ve been waiting since I was a wee lad to hear an announcement about a follow-up to Eyelid Movies, the incredible 2009 debut album from indie electronic savants, Phantogram, yet all remains silent.  The only solace I have is the 2011 six song EP, Nightlife, released to temporarily quell our desires for the duo who entwine sweltering vocals with rap-inspired beats like strands of trip-hop DNA.  Nightlife continues the sultry pop bliss that Phantogram mastered with Eyelid Movies and assures me that no matter what comes next, whenever it comes, I’ll complain that it’s never enough.

Best Tracks:

Don’t Move


Make a Fist


When & Where:

Dim the lights, turn on the disco ball, and dance all sexy-like.  What?  You don’t have a disco ball in your apartment?


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