Alpine, stop flirting with me.  You’re making me blush.   Who am I kidding?  I’m a music blogger.  I’ll take flirting any way I can get it.  Alpine is an Aussie pop sextent with a firm grasp on luscious harmonies, funky guitar riffs, and exotic beats.  Spearheaded by the sultry and smooth Phoebe Baker, Alpine projects a confident sexuality that belies its youthful energy.  The band’s debut album, A is for Alpine has an insatiable groove that permeates many of the songs, injecting enough swagger to alleviate the fears of the anti-pop set.

Best Tracks:



Seeing Red




When and Where:

When the fake yawn and arm stretch over the shoulder move doesn’t work, Alpine can be of assistance.  A is for Alpine is fun and sexy, like Ronald McDonald in a bikini.


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