When Vanessa Williams sang about saving the best for last, I had no idea she was talking about Jillian Hervey, her daughter and half of the insanely sexy and seductive R&B duo better known as Lion Babe.  With their first single, Treat Me Like Fire, this mysterious, sultry crew has churned out an R&B jam that’ll fog up your windows faster than a hot shower.  Treat Me Like Fire has an old school feel mixed with a modern edge that makes the track instantly addictive. The old crackling record sprinkled throughout the track just adds to the mystique, helping give Treat Me Like Fire that gritty, sweaty, nightclub feel. As a nice little jewish dork from upstate, I typically like to be treated like a prince, you know, have my laundry done, some nice matzoh ball soup for dinner.  But thanks to Lion Babe, every now and then I wanna be treated like fire.  But bring aloe just in case.  I burn easily.  Enjoy.



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