Under the guise of a band created in the new millenium, Haerts, the Brooklyn-based indie group formed by St. Lucia’s Jean Philip-Grobler and vocalist Nini Fabi, is a reincarnation of some of the incredible female-dominated groups that shaped music in the 70s.  If Fleetwood Mac arrived in an era where synthesizers were a driving force for musicians, they would be releasing music akin to “Wings,” the first single from Haerts.  “Wings” is nothing less than transcendent with Fabi’s matured, reverent voice, the vastness of Philip-Grobler’s electronics and the depth of intimacy and yearning pulsating through every layer of the song’s production.  With lyrics that signify the end of something special (People never smile to say goodbye, leaving means there’s nothing left to try) and the reflective melody, “Wings” is the perfect song to encapsulate the bittersweetness of the closing of the year.  Enjoy.

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