Phox likes to do things big, whether it’s the size of the group (six members) or the band’s larger than life sound. Their debut album, Friendship, is a product of their Wisconsin roots where horns, harmonies, pianos, and guitars merge to form songs that resemble blues, folk, country and rock. As the only female member, Monica Martin has no problem being the dominant force, leading the boys club through joyous, heartbreaking and lonely emotional terrain.  The amount of fun the band had in making Friendship is palpable as each member plays off each other and gives each instrument the spotlight at one point or another.  The charm in the DIY production value helps Phox preserve that hometown feel while the magnitude of each song emits the aura of a band ready to be the next big thing.

Best Tracks:

Clubs and Spades


Engine Runner




When & Where:

When listening to Friendship, keep the theme going and do things big.  You break up with someone?  Throw their stuff out the window.  You stole a car?  Next time, a helicopter. At McDonalds? Supersize that filet-o-fish meal.


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