I stumbled onto Sir Sly some months ago and figured I’d wait until more information surfaced before dedicating a post to the indie pop/lo-fi rock group.  Well, fast forward five months and not much has changed.  What I do know is that Sir Sly is based in Los Angeles and typically stays within the confines of California so, being an east coaster, my ability to follow and annoy Sir Sly is incredibly limited.  With only two songs floating around the net, Sir Sly has anonymity down to a science.  “Ghost” is a simplistic synth track that don’t sacrifice soul in the face of electronics.   The tone of the vocals have a mainstream appeal and the strength of the guitars and drums save the tracks from being cold, computer generated melodies.  Ghost is about being left behind, whether through abandonment or by being the victim of heartbreak, which is how Sir Sly has made me feel over the past five months.  Hopefully, we can fix this damaged relationship.  Enjoy.



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