Listening to The Paper Kites is as comforting as sinking into your favorite couch.  The indie folk Melbourne quintet’s patient melodies accompanied by soft, intimate harmonies have a romanticism that makes you believe each song was written and performed just for you.  Their 2011 debut EP, Woodland, contains six savory, earthy tracks that pour on the emotion and never let up. The acoustic guitars and stripped down production gives The Paper Kites an authentic approachability that makes you feel at home no matter where you are when you listen to them.   Their most energetic track, “Willow Tree March,” never seems out of place since, even with its robust choruses and chords, it contains a down-to-earth sensibility that can’t help but make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Best Tracks:

Willow Tree March




When & Where:

For those lazy Sundays when you want to accomplish absolutely nothing except sit on your sofa and watch Shawshank Redemption for the 100th time.

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