My timing may be off (or maybe I’m just being mean) by bringing you “Summer Days” by The Reflections in the dead of winter, but it is quite possible that what we need most right now is a reminder that this brutal cold only lasts so long.  The Reflections are pretty new to the indie scene but have quickly grasped the concept that even breezy, ethereal pop tracks need a depth and complexity in both lyrics and production to survive beyond flavor-of-the-month status.  They seem to have done just that with “Summer Days,” the first single off their soon to be released debut album, Limerence.  “Summer Days” is a track that at first listen embodies the lazier, euphoric summer moments but if you dig deeper, you find that Darian Zahedi contradicts the melody, singing about the isolation that results when something sweep you away and inevitably come to an end.  Enjoy.


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