Think Rusted Root on acid.  Mix in a little Jefferson Airplane and Iron Butterfly, and you have the debut self-titled EP from Brooklyn’s Adios Ghost.  Delving into the mostly forgotten genre of dark psychedelia, Adios Ghost separates itself from the majority of bands coming out of Brooklyn by finding influences that existed in decades prior to the 80s.  Don’t get me wrong, any reader of this blog knows that my addiction to indie pop coming out of BK has me on the floor, sweating and shaking like Pookie in New Jack City, but its still refreshing to hear a band that wasn’t inspired by synthesizers and musicians with keyboard neckties.  Here’s what you’ll find on Adios Ghost’s EP: guitars that intertwine like ivy, tribalistic drums, and vocals that might as well be rising up from the bottom of the ocean.  I’m already looking forward to what’s coming next, but this six song EP should hold you over for now.

Best Tracks:



Basement Instincts

When & Where:

When your parents are going on and on about how good music was when they were not bald and tie dye shirt were in style, Adios Ghost might quiet them down for a few hours.

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