Sitting in my inbox the other day was an email from Soundcloud informing me that Loft Apartment just uploaded a new track called “Someone’s Will (To Have You).”  That was great news…too bad I had no idea what Loft Apartment was.  Well, many thanks to Soundcloud for assuming I knew Loft Apartment because when I decided to satisfy my curiosity, I ended up listening to a seductive, entrancing electronic track that made me feel like I needed a cold shower afterwards.  Loft Apartment is Aaro Vahtera and Sanni Pesonen, two psychology students from Finland who started making music together in 2011.  It seems they have found a more effective way to get inside our heads, ditching the textbooks for  exotic synth beats, wistful pianos, and Pesonan’s faint, luxurious voice, sporadically injected into the track.  Enjoy.

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