Milagres get a bum rap since they are compared to intolerable bands (Coldplay) or ones so good, no one should dare emulate them (Grizzly Bear).  What gets lost in the comparisons is that Milagres are utilizing their influences’ sounds simply as components of their own creation in a way that is gratifying and far from outright imitation.  There is a laundry list of bands that have stood on the shoulders of their predecessors to create albums still worthy of attention and praise.  The Brooklynites’ debut album, Glowing Mouth, is one of them.  Released at the tail end of 2011, Glowing Mouth is at times beautifully understated or confidently majestic.  Written by lead singer, Kyle Wilson, after he was injured on a mountain climbing expedition, there is a pain and darkness in Wilson’s tone that is preserved even at points where the songs begin to soar.  While you can pick out a few tracks that may have stand-out potential, Glowing Mouth works better as a whole, where the emotion and instrumentation of each song is strengthened by the continuity of the other tracks surrounding it.  Unless you only listen to bands that result in your proclaiming, “I have never heard anything like this in my entire life!”, put aside your reservations and allow yourself to enjoy Glowing Mouth.

Best Tracks:



Fright of Thee


Glowing Mouth


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When you want to listen to something new that has a sense of familiarity to it, or if you simply just want to make a music snob’s head explode.

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