Night Moves ain’t your dad’s rock band…but they could be.  As is indicative of the music of the 70s, Minneapolis’ Night Moves melds country, folk and blues into flashback inducing rock tracks.  Their October 2012 debut album,  Colored Emotions, is the rock equivalent of an outer space saga with an epic, infinite scope and a sense of intimacy that makes you feel as though you can reach out and capture each song in your hands.  There’s a layered grandeur and a gritty, down home feel to Colored Emotions that encaspulates the maturity of a band whose members are only in their mid-twenties.  Night Moves is clearly on to something since they have been steadily gaining popularity, even getting props from the most random of sources like Teen Vogue (I got this information from the band’s website, I swear!!!).  All this proves that Night Moves have rediscovered a sound that people never stopped pining for.  Give Colored Emotions a listen and you’ll find an album  you didn’t even realize you were waiting for.

Best Tracks:



Colored Emotions


Country Queen


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Laying on the hood of your Pontiac Firebird in a jean jacket watching the stars and talking about how the 8-track is the height of music technology.

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