jordanIt’s February 14, so I figured I’d put together a little collection of songs that likely are absent from most Valentine’s Day mixes.  This is a mix of indie and not so indie songs that serve as a perfect soundtrack for tonight.  I mixed together some romantic tracks as well as some…..after dinner music.

“Window” by Child Actor     Info     Facebook     Download Song For Free

A soft, whispery synth track with a rhythmic electronic heartbeat that can’t help but make you want whoever is sitting across from you (hopefully you’re not in your work coffee room) by the talented male/female duo of  Max Heath & Sedgie Ogilvy.


“Wolf & I” by Oh Land     Info     Facebook     Buy Song

Oh man, I was not a fan of Oh Land’s self-titled sophomore album, but this Danish pop star included “Wolf & I, “a hot little gem on the record that made me catch the vapors.


“Someone’s Will (To Have You)” by Loft Apartment    Info     Facebook     Buy Song

I know I just posted “Someone’s Will” in its own entry, but this Finlandian duo created a slow, seductive track that should be the soundtrack for every romantic, rainy night.


“Siempre Me Quedara” by Bebe    Info     Facebook     Buy Song

Spanish Singer Bebe proves with “Siempre Me Quedara,” off her debut album, that you can understand exactly what a song is about without knowing a single word.


“Until the Day Dims” by the Woodlands    Info     Facebook     Buy Song

This Cali-based husband and wife duo is one of the most enchanting, under the radar indie/folk/pop groups and has created a song from their 2009 debut, reflecting the beauty and simplicity of love.


“Lovedropper” by Boy Friend    Info     Facebook     Buy Song

I reviewed Boy Friend  a while back and thought this Austin, Texas trio created one of the smoothest synth albums of the year and there is no better example than the steamy “Lovedropper.”


“Ga Nu” by Veronica Maggio    Info     Facebook     Buy Song

This Swedish singer brings to this list a sweet, bluesy pop song where not one word of English is sung yet can still put anyone in the mood.


“Jungle” by Emma Louise    Info     Facebook     Download Song For Free

Off her 2012 debut EP, Full Hearts & Empty Rooms, this young indie songstress has garnered a lot of attention pretty quickly, thanks in large part to “Jungle,” a song that sounds like an animal about to be let out of its cage.


“Shelter” by The XX    Info     Facebook     Buy Song

Seriously, you cannot have any sexytime mix without including at least one song from The XX.  All you need to known about this song is the lyric, “Can I make it better with the lights turned off?”  Yes.  Yes you can.


“I Don’t Want Love” by The Antlers    Info     Facebook     Buy Song

Yes, this song is about not wanting love, but who cares?  Frontman Peter Silberman’s falsettos are near intoxicating and the music moves at an alluring, creeping pace that’ll make you weak in the knees.  And hopefully, you’ll be too busy to listen to the lyrics anyway.


“Do I” by Alice Smith    Info     Facebook     Buy Song

Quite possibly the sexiest song of all time, this NYC-based R&B singer has only one major album release to her name.  A hypnotic melody filled with blips and a thick bass guitar sets the background for Smith’s sultry voice.  I recommend taking a cold shower before, during and after this track.

Unfortunately, Spotify is only letting me put 8 of the tracks on the playlist.  Maybe Spotify just isn’t a big supporter of sexytime.